Laying the foundations for better, faster video market research... 

The way businesses conduct video market research has transformed in recent years thanks to the rise of consumer smartphones and research technologies that make it easy to capture, analyse and share video feedback. 

In this download, Voxpopme provides you with a comprehensive guide for conducting any video market research project with the latest tools and techniques - covering the basics like video project planning, to advanced power-user practices like how to shorten video analysis and sharing processes with automated analytics and DIY editing tools.

Inside you'll find:

  • How to identify where video insight will be most helpful for your business
  • Tips on how to collect and use your video research
  • The ultimate video insight project checklist
  • How to analyse your video market research results

Who should read this?

  1. Market research, customer experience and marketing professionals looking to deepen customer understanding
  2. Business leaders aiming to bring real customer stories into their business or department in the age of video


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